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August 6, 2009

what is, is.

has it really been over a year since i've taken the time to write?

so be it...

so be it. 


and this has been my learning: what is, is. 

nothing can change that. 

and what is - to me, to you - is completely self-determined, completely subjective. 

a play unfolding. the mind - director, actor, stage hand, and prop. 

we are the designers of our reality, highlighting the edges of that which we deem real, letting all other possibilties, at once part of the whole, now recess into the back ground and dissolve. 

and we declare! this is my lot in life! look at my truth!

as if we have no choice in the matter!

what a sham. tricky mind. 

and yet, i play the game. 

my saving grace is a quiet heart that sees and gently smiles. with equal parts honor and empathy, she accepts the lot of my busy brain. loving all of it, but reacting to none.

well, at least today. right now. and now.

and that, for me, is, what is.




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Words, words, words...   
- Hamlet