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November 29, 2007

Stop. Breathe. Be still.

There is nothing to understand.
There is nothing to figure out.
Nothing to build.
Nothing to knock down.
There is no one to tell.
Nothing to know.
Nothing to remember.
Nothing to forget.

In this moment, you are complete.
With no effort of the mind,
No act of the body,
You are complete and perfect.
You are whole and lovely.

Stop. Breathe. And Be Still.

Thu, November 29, 2007 | link 

November 28, 2007

Be mindful today.
Live with awareness.
Speak with care.
Watch with a gentle gaze.
Listen with patient ears.
Honor the brilliance of others with your humility.

And if you can't be mindful today, just notice.
And breathe.
Find solace in you sincere efforts
With a gratitude in your heart that you know to try.
Wed, November 28, 2007 | link 

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- Hamlet