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December 20, 2007

Where is Your Wisdom Today?
Where does your wisdom live today?
In your toes?
In your eyes?
In your knees?

Today there is a part of your body that's wiser than the rest.
Find that place.
And listen and learn.
Thu, December 20, 2007 | link 

December 9, 2007

I Didn't Listen to my Heart Today

I was so busy. I was so involved.
everything was more important ~ more pressing, and more in reach.
my ego followed every distraction's bright promise of progress.
my mind leap with every thought.
my hands reached for every bauble.
and I was immersed in it all,
up to my eyeballs. 

and now, the sun fades away, and I am empty.
I am tired, although its still early.
I am hungry, though I ate all day.
I am sad, though 'nothing' is quite wrong.
I just didn't listen to my heart today. I just didn't. 

I spent the waking day looking away from what's real ~ what's true and beautiful.
perhaps I will sleep more wisely.

Sun, December 9, 2007 | link 

December 1, 2007

The Rhythm of My Life is Mine to Change

Life is lived in a rhythm. 
A beautiful rhythm that is all my own. 
Each step I take, each thought I have,
Each and every bite taken and hand shaken.
The way I listen, the way I see.
The way I play with the world around me.
The way I pay attention to the world within me.

I create the rhythm of the life I live. 
And the choice is mine, always. 

And what of my heart?
She responds so faithfully to the rhythm I choose.
Is she happy with the rhythm I've choosen today?
Is she vibrantly beating in time? 
Or is she tired?
Is she comfortable and content as I live today?
Or maybe saddened by my choice to choose a pace that doesn't acknowledge her wisdom?

Both stillness and action are part of my heart's wise plan. 
But if I feel out of balance or out of breath,
The job is mine to stop, to check-in, to listen to my heart and find the pace that is right for all of me today.  
The rhythm of my life is mine to choose and mine to change.
Sat, December 1, 2007 | link 

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- Hamlet